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My 12 Gifts of Petrolhead Christmas

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

If you're an enthusiast for all things cars and motorsport and anything like me, you'll probably be quite a hard person to buy for at Christmas. So here's my automotive wish list - inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas - which might just prove useful if shared with a partner.

By all means sing along as you scroll down... and click or tap through to some of my favourite vendors behind each image who also have lots of other gift options to consider.

Let me know in the comments below what would be on your automotive wish list.

Twelve Chocolate Helmets [Racing Chocs]

​Eleven Laps of Silverstone [Drive Silverstone]

Ten Mil' Snap-on Spanner [Kwicksilver Kustoms]

Nine Le Mans Victories [Evro Publishing]

Eight Cylinder Engine [Haynes]

Seven Two Two Artwork [Tim Layzell]

Six Speedo Coasters [Classic Motor Hub]

Five Classic Cars [Great Driving Days]

Four Leaf Clover [Omologato Watches]

Three Flavoured Gins [Classic Racing Spirit]

Two Race Car Socks [Heel Tread]

And a Fellowship of GRRC [Goodwood]

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