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Automotive Writing

At All Torque Digital we know that publishing original content is key to the distinctiveness of a business and its credibility.

Writing for automotive websites in short or long form is something that we have a good deal of experience in and below are just a selection of our articles.

McLaren front left low.jpeg

Moss, Jenks and the Mille Miglia

Now sixty-six years​ since this remarkable feat of endurance, the 1955 victory owes just as much to the preparation and navigation as it does to the balletic touch of Moss at the wheel.

A Prince Among Racers

A​ look at the life and tragic end of the French racing driver Claude Storez who's Zagato Porsche commission inspired a limited continuation sanction.

DeLorean Turns 40

With the 40th anniversary of the first production DeLorean, what better way to check out its new-found classic status than to take one out for a drive.

Gordon Murray's Fan Club

Not content to sit back and reflect on a stellar design career in Formula One and McLaren Cars, Professor Gordon Murray CBE and his eponymous automotive company GMA premiere their latest project, the T.50.

Hooked on Classics (coming soon)

An opportunity to take part in a road trip driving five different classic cars around the west of England and into Mid-Wales, who wouldn't want to? But which car was the most fun for the money?

What's the story with Bentley and Mulliner? (coming soon)

At the 2020 Salon Privé event, Bentley launched their new bespoke range Mulliner GT. But where does the name come from?

Why do we love the Saab 900 turbo? (coming soon)

A chance spot and a quick upload to Twitter gained several hundred likes. So what is it about this car that caused people to show more social media love than they do for the latest Ferrari maybe or a rare hypercar? 

Le Mans '66: now you want a GT40?

Inspired by the excellent Le Mans ‘66 movie, we got to wondering how much you’d have to pay to get your hands on a Ford GT40, or one of the many continuations and replicas that are out there. [also reproduced in the GT40 Club magazine]

Czinger 21C: Socially responsible hypercar?

Forget Coronavirus, in recent years the motoring world has seen an outbreak of its own in the form of a rash of million-pound-plus hypercars, but this one promised to be a little different and worthy of some attention. 

Maserati MC12: Just a dressed up Enzo?

As the motoring world anticipates a long overdue new model from Maserati – the MC20 – we take a look back fifteen years to the last mid-engined supercar to come out of the factory in Modena, the awesome Maserati MC12.

McLaren 12C: Supercar bargain?

With prices now starting at around £68k, the McLaren 12C is looking decidedly good value for money, but is McLaren’s seminal supercar really a good buy?

Review: Bond in Motion

Central London isn't where you'd expect to find a petrolhead's dream destination but this extensive collection of vehicles, props and costumes from the 007 franchise is well worth a visit.

Is the DB7 Vantage Zagato the most improved Aston Martin?

Italian​ carrozzeria and styling house Zagato has been associated with Aston Martin since the early 1960s. Is this their best result since the DB4 GT?

McGurk Performance Cars

Looking for automotive destinations in out of the way places, then dropping in to see McGurk's is always a pleasure - especially for Aston Martin fans.

Classic Motor Hub

A day out driving in the amazing roads to the west of Oxford isn't complete without dropping in at the Classic Motor Hub in Bibury.

5 iconic screen cars from my youth

Stewart takes a trip down memory lane and recalls the TV and movie cars which had an impact on him and sparked his interest in cars.

Vanquish 25 by CALLUM

Newly established in his own consultancy, legendary designer Ian Callum returns to one of his earliest cars - the Aston Martin Vanquish. Using modern materials and technologies the limited run supercar debuts at the Hampton Court Concours of Elegance.

Pump up the volume: limited run supercars on the rise

Salon Privé 2019 saw the UK debut of several low volume supercars - some from countries or places not known for car production.  We take a look at the examples on show and how they can make the business model pay.

Touring Superleggera Sciadipersia Cabriolet

In homage to ​the legendary coachbuilt Maserati 5000 GT customised for the Shah of Iran, this modern take by Touring gives a Maserati GranCabrio the royal treatment.

Aston Martin Vantage Heritage Racing Edition

The ​limited Heritage Racing Edition of Aston's new two-seat sports car is launched at Goodwood.  We take a look at the different options in the series, each commemorating an iconic car in Aston's racing history.

Four seats and four wheel drive - is the GTC4 Lussso a real Ferrari?

An invitation​ to take a ride up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in a Ferrari doesn't need much persuading to accept.  But does Maranello's four seater still feel Ferrari-enough?

Ford launch the ultimate GT

As if the Ford GT road going supercar and its endurance racing variant weren't enough, how about an ultimate GT, free of all homologation restrictions?

Driven: Lotus Evora GT430

When you get the chance to get your hands on Lotus' most powerful ever road car, it's an experience to savour but does it live up to the nostalgia of the Lotus of old?

Falling in love with Lancia

Whilst growing up, Lancia cars of the time didn't excite but later in life taking a deeper look into the marque's history it really starts to appeal.

Outlaws: raise the exhilaration content of the universe

The London Concours in 2019 introduced a new class for "Outlaws", we take a look at the back story of the outlaw scene and how it might be contradictory to the concours culture.

What the hell happened to Lancia?

Once a great, innovative marque, Lancia has all but disappeared.  This article looks back at the history and features specialist restoration company Thornley Kelham who are bringing Lancias and other classics back to life in a new way.

Goodwood: Glorious or Grandiose?

Goodwood is synonymous with horse racing, historic motorsport and a summertime motoring festival but does its reputation for exclusivity and privilege extend beyond its flagship events?  Looking for a weekend away, we decided to find out.

Smoke and Mirrors: Tobacco advertising in Formula One

Tobacco sponsorship of Formula One returned to the news with both Philip Morris and BAT branding on cars again, we took a look back at how and where it all started – and whether it’s been all bad for the sport’s health.

BMW i8: the thinking man’s mid-life crisis car

A review/first drive of the BMW i8 for which we arranged a weekend loan of the car.  Whilst we wanted it to sound like a review, we tried not to fall into too many clichés of specification and format so we took the angle of a mid-life crisis to hang the story on.

10 things you didn’t know about Williams F1

As long-term fans of Williams, and fairly local to their HQ, we knew about their sister technology company, Williams Advanced Engineering, but found that many others didn’t and we realised that they had been involved in some rather unexpected projects.

Is a supercar track driving experience worth the money?

Another product review we were able to do was a Drive Silverstone Aston Martin Thrill which we hoped would help answer the question whether such experiences were worth the money.

Does motor oil expire?

This article was commissioned to gain search traffic around a popular query on engine oil.  We had to research the topic, explain it and make recommendations.

What makes a great motorsport livery?

Based on a twitter discussion about great motorsport liveries and whether we will look back on today’s colour schemes with the same degree of admiration that we have for those from the 70s and 80s.

Could motorsport’s triple crown finally see its second claimant this month?

Written ahead of last year’s Le Mans 24h race, all the talk was on Fernando Alonso in relation to the Triple Crown but actually another driver, Montoya, was technically in with a shout much sooner.  This piece looked at the Triple Crown’s history and the current contenders.

Shouldn’t sports cars be more colourful?

This turned out to be quite topical as we wrote it just before the SMMT recently released their figures on the UK’s most popular car colours with grey as the new number one.  We have long held the view that sports and performance cars shouldn’t be dull so this was an opportunity to do some research and give air to some opinions.

McLaren Special Operations pay homage to the ‘Longtail’

One of a number of news articles we have written from manufacturer press releases; we always try to bring something new to the content either from personal knowledge or background research.

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